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Every day you make a promise to your Internet customers. And every day your ability to keep those promises is tested again and again. With each new customer and every transaction, your Web operations must scale to increasing demand while ensuring security and outpacing the competition.

14 East stands behind you, delivering your Internet operations to market quickly and securely while providing the scalability, performance and support you need to meet the daily demands of your customers in this competitive marketplace.

Whether a mission-critical web application involving complex deployment planning; or just a simple personal web presence, rest assured that our unquestioned commitment to performance and quality of service is there to back your product.

All equipment is housed in our fully redundant, climate-controlled secure data393 datacenter centrally located in Denver, Colorado. Transit is provided via Internap and Cable & Wireless GigE connections, with direct router-to-router fiber runs to the Cable & Wireless POP in an adjacent building and Internap's POP less than a block away. Internap peers with 8 Tier 1 providers directly in Denver (UUNET, Sprint, C&W, XO, AT&T, Verio, Global Crossing, Level(3)) and C&W maintains eight OC-192 lines into Denver. All services are monitored 24/7 with on-site staff available for instant hardware support, repair or maintenance around the clock.