Responsive Web Design & Development


Responsive Website Design

The concept of responsive web design is to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices - from mobile phones to tablets to desktop computer monitors. Building standard fixed-width websites is no longer good enough anymore. To meet modern requirements your website must have flexible layout that scales seamlessly to suit different browser widths.

14 East can help you create a fully responsive website with ease. You do not need to build several websites for different types of screen resolution anymore; instead you can use one of these responsive templates that already have multiple layout versions. Our responsive web templates are ready to adopt whatever your content or style is. Once you pick the template you like, scale its live demo in your browser window and see how the concept of responsive design works.

How Does It Really Work?
Well, that has become real with CSS media queries that can indicate the medium used to view it, test which resolution the screen has and show up certain website layout accordingly. What it gives you is a possibility to design your website for browsers of all sizes. But being design-savvy alone is usually not enough to create a responsive website. You should make sense of responsive CSS frameworks and know how to implement fluid grids and flexible images into your website structure.


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