PPC Management

Paid search, the most targeted and powerful advertising medium in history, is a highly competitive market where you need to stand out if you want to succeed. 14 East is a top level PPC Management Company that offers a simplistic and cost effective way to achieve greater web-based exposure in today’s world. Our PPC Management team has intimate knowledge of the world’s largest search engines including Google, Yahoo!, Bing and search partners.

What do you get with 14 East's PPC Management?

  • High Level Campaign Strategy & Execution
  • Competitor Analysis & Industry Research
  • Ad Copy Creation & Testing
  • Conversion & ROI Tracking Analysis
  • Extensive Keyword Research & Generation
  • Sale, Lead & Call Tracking
  • 24/7 Campaign Tracking
  • Flexible, Custom Reporting
  • Access to Exclusive AdWords Beta Opportunities
  • Detailed Human Analysis & Custom Consulting
  • Geo-targeting & Day-parting Analysis
  • Regular Exploration of New Markets & Mediums