Database services in South Florida


Custom Database Programming

14 East's expert programmers can design any type of database you require, make it available on the Internet and provide any type of reporting and search capabilities you need - it’s just that simple.

We can also add rich new capabilities to your website using a behind the scenes database for powering a wide range of interactive features including:

  1. Content Management System (CMS)
  2. Online directories
  3. Inventory Systems
  4. Product catalogs
  5. Photo galleries
  6. Customer relationship and sales management systems
  7. Email marketing systems
  8. News and events publishing
  9. Store or dealer locators
  10. And much more!

14 East is skilled with multiple enterprise database platforms including MS SQL Server, MySQL, and PostGRESQL, as well as desktop applications such as Microsoft Access.

Contact 14 East today to web-enable your database, or learn more about the unexpected ways databases can bring your site to life.