Company History

The team at 14 East thanks everyone who has helped to make us who we are today. Without your help, insight and advice we could not and would not exist.

The Beginning

We built our first professional Website in December of 1999. And wow did we enjoy it. So much that we went and bought a couple of new computers, furniture, printers, monitors and set up shop. In February we got to work on what would be our second Website for a Rochester, NY based furniture business. We were incorporated in March of 2000 as 14 East Multimedia Group, Inc.

Since then, we have managed to retain over 100 satisfied clients, ranging from mom & pop shops and Internet startups to Fortune 500 and International companies. We currently design and deploy mission-critical Interactive applications that businesses and their day-to-day functions rely on.

The Name

Wow, do we get a lot of questions about our name! So, here’s our answer: 17 East. 14 was supposed to be 17. Just doesn't sound right anymore.

The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where our founder went to school, is located on 17th St. near the beach, fairly east in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Somehow we came up with 17 East because of this. We got the domain name, published our first Website to the IP address, and just when the DNS was to clear... someone in Canada had got it 4 hours before us (or so we were told).

So we took 14. For no apparent reason. See - its nothing really. Unless you look at a Roulette table. 17 and 14 are neighbors. Load up on 'em, they're good luck!!!