Our Clients

Through the years, 14 East has prided itself on its ability to add new clients from various industries and markets nearly every month. Below is a featured sampling of the unique companies that count on 14 East to deliver comprehensive solutions, and in turn increased ROI. Each project is handled on a one-to-one basis with the client ensuring a lasting and rewarding relationship.

It is every intention of 14 East to expand our client base while never sacraficing customer service.

Joe Juriga

As we approach our 16th year here at 14 East, we are both thankful to actually be doing this after fourteen years and everything that got us here, but look forward to continuous growth in years to come.

14 East's team of creative designers and programmers utilize their creative and technical knowledge in designing and developing solutions that captivate the intended audience. Our team includes professional graphic designers in addition to expert programmers. We can actually combine unique design with solid programming, unlike many "web design" firms that are out there.

Who We Work With